Overjoyed by Viva Mas

I wasn’t the only one who dropped a cover song for Valentine’s Day, last weekend. Vocal group Viva Mas also released a new song. They covered “Overjoyed”, originally by Stevie Wonder.

Oh Joy!

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The Az Yet Link

Over the years, I know my website slowly turned into your own stop spot for updates about 90s r&b group Az Yet, and its former members. That wasn’t intentional, on my part, but it’s nice seeing so many people remembering groups like that.

A Longing For Harmony

Like me, a lot of people miss that 90s sound in today’s r&b music. So, I love directing you to it, or provide updates on your favorite artists from way back.

It turns out I have that in common with Viva Mas.

Respect For Stevie Wonder

Even before Shawn Rivera joined them, the group had a clear mission; bring back those exact harmonies we reminisce on. And they also like living legends, such as Stevie Wonder.

In fact, “Overjoyed” isn’t the first Stevie Wonder cover they’ve released, but it is the first with a little bit of Az Yet history in it.

Focus On Vocals

As you may know, Shawn played a major part in the vocal arrangement of Az Yet’s hit, “Hard To Say I’m Sorry”. He arranged a follow up, which got shelved due to circumstances.

Well, that was “Overjoyed”. His arrangement finally got a release anyway -in this rendition of Viva Mas.


Immediately, there’s a recognizable reference to the Chicago cover, at the start of the song. It almost starts out alike, but that’s just to draw you in and remind you of the history. The harmonies quickly turn original.

Making It Their Own

Naturally, the Viva Mas members sound different and put their own mark on it. The group’s been singing together for a while, which is clearly notable. The vocals blend together easily. “Overjoyed” is a celebration of love, in a 90s vocal arrangement that pays tribute to a classic song.

What The Future Holds

During this pandemic, Viva Mas were in the studio recording an album, coming this year.

The official video for “Overjoyed”

Keep Up With Viva Mas

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