Step 11 – Lists

Every once in a while it’s necessary to show information as a list. You do this with one of the LIST-tags. There are three kinds:

A numbered list is added to index.html like this:

<TITLE>my own homepage</TITLE>

<BODY BACKGROUND=”images/background.gif” BGCOLOR=”#FFFFE1″ TEXT=”#808080″ LINK=”#FF9B6A” ALINK=”#FF9B6A” VLINK=”#FF0000″>

<FONT FACE=”Verdana” SIZE=2>

<H2>A short introduction</H2>

<FONT COLOR=”#FF9B6A”><B>Nora Tol Virtual Publishing</B></FONT> was founded about 12 years ago when owner <FONT COLOR=”#FF9B6A”>Nora Tol</FONT> started offering her web design services.
By demand she quickly expanded her services with <U>designing logos and artwork (DTP)</U> and even started various <U>Internet- and marketing services</U>.

This is a short list of the services Nora Tol Virtual Publishing offers:
<LI> Web design
<LI> Web hosting
<LI> Domain registration
<LI> (press)mailings for artists

<FONT SIZE=4>Take a look at her homepage for more information.
Or send her an E-mail!</FONT>



OL stands for Ordered List. When you open the HTML file in a browser you’ll see that there are numbers before each item beginning with 1. If you want the list to start with a higher number, simple add START: <OL START=2>.

If you would replace the OL-tag with UL, like this:

<LI> Web design
<LI> Web hosting
<LI> Domain registration
<LI> (press)mailings for artists

You’ll see bullets rather than numbers. UL stands for Unsorted List.

And lastly there’s DL (Data List). This allows you to add a little bit of text to the list:

<DT> Web design
<DD> Designing and developing professional (commercial) web sites
<DD> designing logos, flyers and other artwork
<DT> Web hosting
<DT> Domain registration
<DD> Registration of various domain names from around the world
<DT> (press)mailings for artists

<DT> can be seen as the title (data title) and <DD> as the extra information (subtexts, data data). You’re not required to add subtexts.

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