Step 7 – Colours

Besides adjusting the font and its’ size you can also use the FONT-tag to adjust the colour. Within the BODY-tag you have defined the colour of all text in this document. You can (temporarily) adjust this later on in the document with the FONT-tag.

In Step 3b you may have noticed that HTML uses codes for colours. This code begins with a # and is followed up by 6 characters, numbers or/and letters.
Because these codes are a combination of 3 other codes they are called hexadecimaal triplets. By using these codes you tell the browser how much red, blue and green you want to mix for the result. There are millions of combinations, so please don’t feel guilty for not knowing all the codes! There are various programs that can help you find the right code for the colour you want (like an HTML editor or photo editing software). Easy to remember are the codes: #000000 for black and #FFFFFF for white.

With HTML it’s also possible to identify about 144 colours by name (“black”, “yellow”, “white”), but this is not being used much, so we’re going to skip it.

In our index.html document we add a colour to the FONT-tag:

<TITLE>my own homepage</TITLE>

<BODY BACKGROUND=”images/background.gif” BGCOLOR=”#FFFFE1″ TEXT=”#808080″ LINK=”#FF9B6A” ALINK=”#FF9B6A” VLINK=”#FF0000″>

<FONT FACE=”Verdana” SIZE=2>

<FONT COLOR=”#FF9B6A”><B>Nora Tol Virtual Publishing</B></FONT> was founded about 12 years ago when owner <FONT COLOR=”#FF9B6A”>Nora Tol</FONT> started offering her web design services.
By demand she quickly expanded her services with <U>designing logos and artwork (DTP)</U> and even started various <U>Internet- and marketing services</U>.
<FONT SIZE=4>Take a look at her homepage for more information.
Or send her an E-mail!</FONT>


In my text I’ve decided to emphasize my company name and my own name by using a different colour. If I wanted the whole text to have different colour, then I would’ve added a COLOR definition to the FONT-tag at the beginning of the text: <FONT FACE=”Verdana” SIZE=2 COLOR=”#FF9B6A”>

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