Step 17 – Uploading the website

There are various ways to place your homepage onto the web. The two currently commonly used are uploading through a control panel your ISP/host installed for you or through using FTP; the File Transport Protocol. FTP is the easiest to use once your website becomes large(r). Your web host has probably provided you with a login account for FTP access. Usually their websites offer you information about how to use FTP.

Ws Ftp (Pro) is a popular FTP program. This is how it works.
You can set a Profile Name, which is random. You can pick a name yourself. Something like “my site”
You need to set the location of the FTP server in the field Host Name.
Fill out your user name with User ID, followed by your pass word in the field Password. Check “Save Password”.
For a starter you can leave the rest as it is, unless the host has told you otherwise. Click on Apply and the click OK. You’re logginf in and if all goes well you’ll get a connection.
On the left side you can see the files that are located on your computer. On the right you’ll see the server. Your host has probably told you to place files in a directory “public_html” or “www”. Double click on the directory if it isn’t open already. When you want to upload your site just select the file(s) and click on the arrow pointing to the right. When you want to download something from the server, select the file on the right and click on the arrow pointing to the left.

Make sure the directory structure on the server is the same as the directory that contains your website on your computer.

Ready with uploading? Click on Close to close the connection.

If you don’t have a domain name, your host probably told you how what your website location is (URL). Open this in a browser. Your website should become visible.

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