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Welcome to my online Step by Step HTML course. Let’s start by giving you some basic explanation.

What does HTML do?
HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. With HTML you define where you want a photo and where you want text. The codes are all short for English terms.

What does HTML look like?
The HTML codes are called tags. You can recognise them ‘cos they’re always featured with the “smaller than” and “greater than” signs. Surf to any website of your choice, click the right mouse button and go to “View Source”. Anything that’s written <like this> is HTML.

The extension .htm was used a long time ago in the Windows 3.x era. Those Windows versions could only read this type. Now, however, you can assume your visitors have newer Windows versions and you can use the extension .html.

Are there different versions of HTML?
Yes. Over the years HTML got developed further and there are now many versions and a few spin offs. This course is mainly teaching you the early HTML (up to version 3). Currently, the latest version of HTML is HTML 5.  All the new versions are still using the same functions that are being taught in this course, so you’ll still need to learn these basics if you want to get into webdesigning or webediting. New versions just have more cool functions that got added.

How do you make sure you can find your way in a website?
Websites can become really big. If your website will get a lot of content, make a directory on your computer especially for the files of your website. Make a subdirectory especially for images. You will notice that this makes life a lot easier when having to update things.

What do you use to program HTML?
There are several programs that give you the chance to create an HTML document in a wordprocessor environment. You type your text, place your photo and voila you can save it as .html and publish it on the Internet. No difficult codes, no worries, but you do have a website! Unfortunately this won’t teach you HTML. That’s why we will work in Windows Notepad.
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