Step 4 – Text

When you type some text below the BODY-tag, the text will become visible in the browser. Just try it. Type a little bit, save index.html and open it in a browser. You will notice that the text will automatically begin on the left side of the browser. The browser will not read any of your enters or empty lines. It’s just one block of text and a line will only get cut when the whole line is too full. To make sure the text is readable you’d like the browser to read your enters and your white lines:

An enter is given as a “forced line break” and looks like this: <BR>

An empty line is given by using a “paragraph”-tag: <P>

Both tags don’t need te be closed. However, the <P>-tag can be closed, but the use of this is only interesting when you use a lot of text, CSS, dHTML or use the W3C standard.

The next bit of HTML is an example. You may also continue with your own text. I’ll continue using the following throughout the rest of this course though:

<TITLE>my own homepage</TITLE>

<BODY BACKGROUND=”images/background.gif” BGCOLOR=”#FFFFE1″ TEXT=”#808080″ LINK=”#FF9B6A” ALINK=”#FF9B6A” VLINK=”#FF0000″>

Nora Tol Virtual Publishing was founded about 12 years ago when owner Nora Tol started offering her web design services.
By demand she quickly expanded her services with designing logos and artwork (DTP) and even started various Internet- and marketing services.
Take a look at her homepage for more information
Or send her an E-mail!


As you can see I’ve added text and used <BR> and <P> to divide space. If you haven’t done so already, add text to your document and divide the space using those two tags.

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