Today, 20 years ago, Az Yet released “Last Night”

They say it’s hard to make a first impression that lasts.However, 20 years ago R&B group Az Yet made their debut and – even though they’d only had two hit singles – people never fully forgot about them.

Az Yet Break Through Song

Az Yet's breakthrough

Az Yet’s breakthrough

In 1995, the song “Last Night” was written by Babyface and Mervyn Warren. The members of Az Yet recorded the song – as well as most of their debut album – at Babyface’s house where his studio was located.


Marc Nelson admitted, in a 2014 interview, that he was actually worried Babyface’s string of hits would come to an end one day and that it would happen, while he was working with him. Luckily, it turned out, he had nothing to worry about. The song was released on February 13th 1996, blew up and took Az Yet along for the ride.

Global Success

The group traveled around the world to promote the single and album. The song’s lyrics left nothing to the imagination, so the group have actually been asked to change the lyrics on several occasions, especially outside of the States.

Nutty Professor

“Last Night”  featured in Eddie Murphy’s movie “The Nutty Professor”, also starring Janet Jackson. There are two versions of the video. One version has bits of the movie in it, so it could serve as a promotional video for the movie as well. The song was used prominently in an important love scene of the movie.

Hard To Say I’m Sorry

For Az Yet, “Last Night” became their only number 1 hit single in the Billboard Hot R&B Singles Charts. It paved the way for another hit with the Chicago cover “Hard To Say I’m Sorry”, featuring Peter Cetera, and pushed sales of their self-titled debut album.

Peter Cetera joined the group again later to do another Chicago cover. “You’re The Inspiration” would introduce new Az Yet member Tony Grant, who replaced Marc Nelson. The song would give the group their last American chart success.

Az Yet To Return This Year

Az Yet are planning a return later this year. Last year, they’ve posted this teaser on their SoundCloud account to give you a taste of what’s to come.

This Story On YouTube

A video has also been made about this story.

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