Social Media Discovery: Angee Wings

Published February 12th 2016

There are a lot of musicians or industry people following me on social media or interacting with me there. Some of them spark my interest to find out a little more. In my “Social Media Discovery” articles, I do just that. This time, it’s about pop artist Angee Wings

When you see her, you immediately think of Kelis: big hair, bright colors on her face and a fun look that reminds you of “Milkshake”, and just like Kelis, Angee Wings has got more sides to her.

The Social Media Connection

The Canadian singer/songwriter caught my eye on social media. She was advertising one of her latest videos, the catchy “Clap To Be Your Friend”, on Google+ and later, I connected with her on Soundcloud.

Angee Wings Loves The 90s and 00s

She’s relatively new to music, with releases dating back two years from now. Her music is influenced by a lot of 90s and 00s Pop and R&B music, like Janet Jackson, Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Destiny’s Child and Aaliyah.

Clap To Be Your Friend

“Clap To Be Your Friend” is a good example of that influence. Both the song and the video are fun filled. The video also shows, what appears to be, a long-term collaboration with a dance school, who have appeared in more of her videos. In her repertoire so far, this track one of her strongest and it’s not that surprising that this is her most popular video.

There’s Also A Serious Side

Her older songs, in topic,  appear to be a far stretch from her new material. When asked about that, Angee says it’s all “evolution. A progress. I have always dreamt to be a professional artist. And, through those past years I’ve learnt a lot and I met people who help me with that. The fun approach is just my personality. I like to bring joy, happiness, fun & smile to people in order to help them to forget the hardness & darkness of our reality”

Come On & Bite It

Just a few days before this article was published, her new video appeared on YouTube. “Come On & Bite It” returns to her fun side:

She’s only starting out, but an album is in the works and the colorful distraction she offers to the reality of the world is something we all could use from time to time. If you want to find out more about her, check out her official website.


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