Az Yet leak to lead comeback?

Written for Kurrent Music
Published May 2nd 2016

Az Yet

Az Yet blog

Mike City is an R&B producer from the States, who has worked with many artists. On his Soundcloud page, he’s decided to release some of the tracks that he has lying on the shelf. I’m not really sure about his strategy for this. I mean, there must be a reason why those songs weren’t used, but it does offer us bloggers something interesting to write about.

So, when I heard that he had dropped an unreleased song by R&B group Az Yet, I got curious. The group has been planning a comeback due this year. From last I’ve heard, the comeback had to kick off with performances in February and March, but instead, it’s been very quiet since the middle of February.

I apologize for having a conspiracy theory kind of mind, in this case, but for a while I’ve been trying to figure out whether they are in the quiet before the storm, or if there will be no storm at all. All my little brain cells started to think they, themselves, may have pulled a master strike to unleash their comeback; leak a song first and then return.

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