Shawn Rivera debuts with Viva Mas

What do you do when life’s turned upside down and you’re a musician like Shawn Rivera? You let yourself get picked up by music and lose yourself in it. So, guess what? After many years, Shawn is back in a vocal group, making R&B music. And it’s not Az Yet.

Viva Mas

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A Philly Connection

From the outside looking in, it’s beginning to look like Philadelphia is a hub for vocal groups. You’d almost expect guys on every street corner perfecting their harmonies. This is how Shawn ended up being part of Az Yet in the 90s. And recently, he joined the group Viva Mas.

Viva Mas

Viva Mas originally started to attract attention with 4 members in 2015. They had a clear vision. All they wanted to do was sing. And if they’d even add music to their vocals, it would be a mix of soul and latin. They released a few tracks, like a Beatles and a Babyface cover.

The group had a fifth member, for a while, but you know how it goes with groups. Members come and go.

Shawn Rivera

Last year, the group crossed paths with Shawn Rivera. He’s had a hell of a year with a lot of personal changes. In his first social media post of 2020, he announced his divorce from Malaysian singer Jaclyn Victor, with whom he shares two kids. By then, he’d already returned to a lot of his roots: The States, Puerto Rico, family and music.

It’s A Match!

Maybe it was just supposed to be a feature when Shawn originally joined the group to do a Christmas song – which was released last year. However, it was oh so clear. This was a match made in heaven. So, he joined.

Lost In You

This week, Viva Mas released a new cover song. The group delivers a tight a capella version of the Garth Brooks song “Lost In You”. To promote the song, they’ve also released an official video proudly introducing Shawn. So go ahead and get yourself introduced to this vocal group. If you liked Az Yet, Boyz II Men and Shai in their hey day, you’ll like them too. Now, get lost. 😉

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