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Last week, Robbie Williams released his Christmas album and it’s not as cheeky as you might expect it to be. In fact, Robbie made his own version of classic hits and created a slew of new ones.

On The Christmas Radar

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A Bit Of Robbie Williams Joy

Despite Robbie’s move to the States for his current phase in life as a family man, “The Christmas Present” reveals he’s still every bit of an English man. However, if you’re looking for a trace of that cheeky young bloke from Stoke on Trent, you’ll have to dig deep.

A Serious Attempt

The sense of humor and wit that usually lurks in either his lyrics, music or album covers is put aside for a dose of true Christmas nostalgia. It starts with the cover. With a look referring to old English times, it reminds me of the Christmas Carol.

Something For Everyone

Though some of the music is newly written, Robbie clearly draws his inspiration from Christmas hits throughout the years. It results in a very diverse album with some really surprising songs that fit in with any seasonal playlist. “Rudolph” blends in well with some of those very old 60s Christmas songs.

Swing By For A Duet

For other songs, Robbie went back to jazz and swing, the way he has done before. Let’s face it, he can do it well, too. The same goes for the classics, like all his duets with people like Rod Stewart and Bryan Adams.

Newly Found Classics

Robbie released “Time For Change” to lead the album and he’s been dropping all kinds of videos ever since, including a track by track talk through of the album. Very cool for fans, but I preferred to put the actual album on repeat. I’m afraid it’s got some new classics on it that I’ll be looking forward to every year.

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