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An Hour Of New Eric Bellinger Tracks

An Hour Of New Eric Bellinger Tracks

I know I often blog about 90s-like smooth r&b music, but that doesn’t mean none of the contemporary r&b doesn’t grab me. Today, I’ve had the absolute joy of listening to the new Eric Bellinger album, “Cuffing Season 3”.

For All Seasons

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Eric Bellinger, A Love Story

Normally, it would take a bit for something like this to make its way to my desk, but I’m stoked to be on top of something for a change. The album, “Cuffing Season 3” literally got released today.

Eric’s uses his “Cuffing Season” series to tell his most personal stories. In a statement released together with the album he says: “The ‘Cuffing Season’ collection is probably the most important series to me. I based the entire theme around my personal love story. Unapologetic, unfiltered & uncensored. I learned on CS1 & CS2 that my true supporters love when I’m transparent & vulnerable.”

Slow Pace

As a singer and songwriter Eric is used to taking his music wherever it suits him. He lets himself get inspired by everything within hip hop and r&b, but even mainstream pop is no stranger to him.

He slows it down this time and mainly sings on the album. Of course, to me the reference to fellow singer songwriter Jon B caught my eye first – he named a track after the singer – and actually pulled me in to the rest of the album.

Everything’s In It

“I laid out the entire timeline from the moment you lay eyes on that special someone and continued to tap into all aspects of the initial courting process. I compiled so many daily situations that we can all relate to, and converted them into MP3 form.”

Eric describes it better than I could myself. The process of maturing within a relationship jumps out to me as something I think (or hope) we can all relate to.


You could say that this year has a bit of an Eric Bellinger overload. This album is his third album this year. However, for me, this is the one worth listening to the most.

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