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Lessons From Gatekeeper Lauryn Hill

Lessons From Gatekeeper Lauryn Hill

Lauryn Hill is both praised and mocked at, but remains unapologetic in her new song “Guarding The Gates”. Let Lauryn teach you how to cut through the noise.

Looking In And Taking Notes

Blog by Nora Tol

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Ms. Lauryn Hill

Lauryn Hill shared some new music today. “Guarding The Gates” is taken from the Queen & Slim soundtrack. The movie shows how a video on social media can take on a life of its own as a couple get caught up in a shooting and end up on the run.

Life On Social Media

Even without knowing the plot of the movie, I could tell that Lauryn was aiming at social media in the lyrics of the song. Social media keeps us real busy. If we’re not on it, liking or posting pictures, we’re talking about it. It has it’s good and bad influences.

When The World Watches

While the song describes that the world is watching this couple and wanting to know their every move, it’s also laying bare the anxiety this causes to big influencers in real life. What if you have nothing to share? What if you are considered boring?

Personally, I think this is what the lines “Trying to mix myself for society, but can you tell me where is the love in anxiety” capture perfectly.

Being A Spectacle

In the movie the couple’s story goes viral, and all of that attention can cause a disconnect. Much like in high school popular people can look down on other people. Also perfectly described in Lauryn Hill’s song: “Watch them Marvel at all the joy you have”.

Is It Better To Be A Spectator

Lauryn has had her share of personal opinions poured out over her. Maybe that’s why she’s not all that active on social media herself. She lets a team take care of it.

Nevertheless, you can always count on Lauryn to see things with profound insights, even as a spectator.

What Does It Matter?

I love the idea that the song is both looking at this with a sense of distance and involvement. In the end what does all that fuzz around you matter when you’re in love? And all along, you have to guard the gates to protect your own state of mind and the love you have in real life.

Maybe I’m just reading too much into the song though and the movie isn’t all that deep. Who knows! I like the song though. It takes me back to the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill album.

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