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Before Mandy Moore embarked on a very successful acting career, I knew her as a Britney Spears competitor in pop music. She’s finally making a return to music and has just released her second comeback single, “I’d Rather Lose”.

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Musical Mandy Moore

I know other bloggers were far more enthusiastic about her first comeback single than I was. Hence the fact I ignored it to blog about. “When I Wasn’t Watching” had a rock feel and I felt she was overwhelmed by the music. It was lacking something for me.

I’d Rather Lose

However, this time around I’m disagreeing with other music fans once again. Others find “I’d Rather Lose” a much weaker song than “When I Wasn’t Watching”, but this is more my cup of tea. I like it!

Rhythm & Blues Vibe

It’s got that classic rhythm & blues vibe that’s oh so popular now. The vocals are smooth and enriched by lovely soothing background vocals, which I think I was missing in the previous single.

Personal Growth

Both songs are about life lessons and have a depth to the lyrics. It’s been 10 years since Mandy last released music of her own, and it shows that a lot has happened that has given her personal growth. It makes her new music so much more interesting and authentic.

Something To Think About

“I’d Rather Lose”, for instance, is all about opting out on something to gain something different elsewhere. Sometimes, the choices we make don’t have to be driven by the obvious.

70s Retro Trend

Musically, the song banks on the 70s retro trend that’s going on right now, so it’s somewhat reminds me of Fleetwood Mac and Bonnie Raitt. With her light pop vocal on it, it works out fine for me.

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