Put Your Dancin’ Shoes on With Dolly Parton

The blending of country music in EDM kicked off ever since Avicii released “Hey Brother” in 2013. Nevertheless, it’s only just happened that iconic country star Dolly Parton has made the jump, too. Do you have faith in her collaboration with Galantis?

Hop On That Bus, Dolly!

Blog by Nora Tol

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Iconic Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton is such an icon and she’s fearless. Despite her core business as a country singer and songwriter, she’s always been open to hook up for some great pop collaborations (thinking about her collab with Sia!).

Galantis Collaboration

However, this time, I wonder if someone came up with this idea after a few (too many) drinks. EDM duo Galantis convinced her to sing on “Faith” and the result is a fun loving catchy tune.

John Hiatt Update

It’s a new version of the classic John Hiatt hit, “Have A Little Faith In Me”, which – just like many other old classics – lends itself perfectly for an update.

Out Of The Comfort Zone

Mr. Probz starts “Faith” before Dolly takes over and takes it home. She embrazes this opportunity to step out of her usual thing and I’m glad she did it. It’s giving me a great incentive to write about her, as I normally wouldn’t write about country music singers.

Maybe More Will Follow Now

In fact, I find it quite unusual that no other big country star has done this kind of collaboration before. I can’t wait to see who follows, because country music houses some amazingly talented singers with big vocals.

Back To Dolly

Anyway, I sort of grew up on some of Dolly’s hit songs and movies. Her biggest hits, “You Are”, “9 to 5”, “I Will Always Love You” and her duet with Kenny Rogers, “Islands In The Stream”, were on high rotation in guilty pleasure radio shows. So, I heard them often, when I was very little.

Funloving Gal

Her spunk and positivity is very contagious. She shows this in the video for “Faith” too. I just don’t know why, but she always makes me smile. It’s great that a new generation can catch a glimpse of this too via this collaboration with Galantis.

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