Neva Get Enuf Of Brian McKnight

Brian McKnight is back and you know what that means. He’s providing the tunes for a little romance in your life and it was high time we got reminded of this side of him.

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Soul Daddy Brian McKnight

Recently, Brian McKnight found himself in an awkward position after his son published a negative post about his dad on social media. Brian responded publicly, but couldn’t avoid it becoming a news story for various blogs and gossip sites.

New Song

It was high time to draw the focus back to music and there’s no better time than the holiday season for some smooth soul sounds. So, Brian is back with a new song “Neva Get Enuf Of U”.

Life Is Smooth

The song is as smooth as what you would expect from Brian, especially when you know that he’s actually in really good place right now. Or so he tells in interviews.


He’s happily married, his music career is still going after 30 years (!) and he’s just announced a one night only gig at the Encore Theatre at Wynn in Las Vegas. On February 8th 2020, he’ll be performing all his hits there for those who can never get enough of him.

Classic Vibes

It’s a great time for Brian’s fans. Firstly, because “Neva Get Enuf Of U” is a mid-tempo song with a nod to the 90s with the “uh” and “no” commentaries throughout the song.

Of course, it blends in well with the rest of his songs and basically lengthens any date night you have planned for your loved one.

Set The Mood Right

Then, secondly, with the release of this song, Brian also kicks off the journey to anticipated “Exodus” album, which follows up his “Genesis” project. It sounds like it’s the new title for his “Bedtime Story” project, which was to include 60 minutes of music to set the mood with. No release date has been given yet though.

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