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Sonia celebrates the 30th anniversary of her debut single, this year, and closes her festive year with a new release.

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Young Sonia

I definitely had a Stock, Aitken & Waterman phase, which I’ve often admitted too. Still, not all artists from the socalled “Hit Factory” managed to attract or keep my attention. Sonia is one of those artists.

30 Years In The Business

Exactly 30 years ago, she was a bubbly teenager with a number one hit song in the UK, “You’ll Never Stop Me From Loving You”. For me, Sonia Evans, became one of those artists that just pops up every once in a while, like with the Eurovision Song Contest, many years later.

That’s exactly what happened, recently. Her tweet about a new single popped up in my Twitter feed.

That Never-Ending Big Voice

It’s been years since I heard anything from her and I got curious. One thing I have always noticed about her is that she’s a really good singer. She has a powerful voice.

New Song

“A Night That’s Never-Ending” has just been released. Despite it not being a Stock, Aitken & Waterman production, it’s a dead ringer in Matt Pop’s radio edit.

Still Bubbly

I really didn’t expect that. Somehow, I expected something more mature somehow, but the high energetic and bubbly spirit of young Sonia is still with her today. So, in a strange way, it kind of makes sense.

Now, usually I always write about songs I really like, but I liked seeing that Sonia is still singing and performing. That is really nice to see. It was also good to see her try it again.

Not My Cup Of Tea

However, despite discovering she hasn’t changed, I noticed I have. As it turns out, I’m ok with the classics sounding like S/A/W, because of the sentiment attached to them. But I’m not as open to new ones.

So, even though my night ends here, I actually think the song can go down well with a party crowd at business events, bars and parties.

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