Az Yet pull a rabbit out of the hat

Written for Kurrent Music
Published August 27th 2016

Az Yet blog

Az Yet blog

Earlier this year, I blogged about a comeback that 90s R&B group Az Yet were planning for this year. A producer, who had worked with the group, had leaked a track and, just for moment, I thought the comeback was about to start, but I was wrong… then.

This week, a picture was brought to my attention thanks to whatever algorithm Instagram uses. A CD, yes, a hard copy physical CD was pictured of an Az Yet song that was completely new to me, “She’s Magic”. After some further digging, I found out it’s actually a full blown new album, due for release on September 16th.

While searching, I ran into two new tracks from this year on YouTube. So far, I can’t find anything that tells me these tracks have been officially released, but it sure looks that way. The songs are a cappella “One Last Cry” and the catchy “Love Her Mind”, and they are part of the new album.

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