Az Yet Perform With Orchestra

Az Yet did a charity performance on August 17th. Afterwards, the guys all took to social media sharing their enthusiasm about the gig as they performed with a live orchestra.

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Az Yet Classics

Their hits, “Last Night” and “Hard To Say I’m Sorry’, as well as most of their early repertoire already pull on your heart strings, as is. However, to hear they added some real strings to them, was too much to resist. I had to look it up.


I couldn’t find many recordings of the performance yet, but here’s one with an enthusiastic fan singing along (see below).

The orchestra looks pretty young too, which makes me wonder if they are students of the school Az Yet were performing at.

Fans On YouTube Show Love

Altogether, when I’m browsing on YouTube, I’m surprised to see how the Az Yet hits are still appreciated. Many people cover their songs and some DJs even do some live mixing with the tracks.


The guys themselves are still pushing their single, “Kleptomaniac” (see my previous blog) and there’s talk about a new album, after all.

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