Album review: Az Yet – She’s Magic

Written for Kurrent Music
Published September 22nd 2016

Is The Magic Still There?

Az Yet

Az Yet review

So, it’s official. Az Yet have become the group I‘ve blogged about the most. So far. I wasn’t really planning on writing about them again, but their new album, “She’s Magic”, really surprised me. With line-up changes and changes of social media accounts, right before the release of the album, I really didn’t know what to expect nor think anymore. One thing’s for sure: This comeback still doesn’t feel like the old or original Az Yet (the Az Yet from their breakthrough days), but the album does remind me a of it to a certain extend.

It’s noticeable that Shawn Rivera is no longer part of the album. With Kenny, Dion and Claude all having a somewhat similar vocal sound, I miss the variation in lead vocals the way their debut album showcased. I think Shawn’s vocals would’ve been a great addition. However, with Marc also singing on the album, it does provide the flashback to the old days that every fan is looking for.

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