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My Reel Life

My Reel Life

Follow me on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube for my weekly reels! My short videos have random topics, usually taken from my daily life, interactions or thoughts. I also feature my creations and passion for music.

Lots To See

By default, expect a new reel every Saturday. In between, I sometimes post other random things, like photos and even additional (short) videos. Why not start catching up on my content? I started uploading reels in November 2022, so there’s lots to see!

BTW, my social media content is not completely the same on all platforms, so follow me everywhere if you can!

Star Power

On Facebook, you can reward my video content with Stars or virtual gifts. Facebook Stars is a new monetizing program for video content creators. This cool feature was rolled out just this year. Perhaps you already know this from other platforms. You purchase a star package and reward content safely. It allows me to create more, new content and get better at it. Let’s see where this will lead! Come on and join the fun and tell me which reels you like the most.

Each Facebook Reel shows a link to send me Stars or virtual gifts.

Reel Potential

It all started out as fun, but I really enjoy making these reels and learning about video editing. I think it’s a great media to channel all my loves for creation. My reels are easy to recognize. Most of them have a green background.