Results Infinity Blog Awards

Last weekend, the Infinity Blog Awards held their full day event and announced the winners of this years award winners. So, the results are in!

Best Music Blog

Unfortunately, I didn’t win the award for Best Music Blog, but I still feel really blessed to be listed among the amazing bloggers worldwide who were nominated and all the winners.


Just to be considered and to become a finalist – in my first year of blogging exclusively for my own website – is such an honor. So, thank you all who voted and thank you to the Infinity Blog Awards for the recognition and the boost!

Nora Tol
Always remember where you started to see what happened since!

More in 2020!

With that said, it’s been an amazing year. My company, ElNorado Productions, is closing a successful year and I’m glad to see growth in my journey as a blogger.

PR companies, artists and artist managers are finding their way to me more and more, giving me access to great opportunities for the future to create more exclusive content. It’s making me look forward to continue this path in 2020!

Due to the holiday season, I’ll be posting new blogs irregularly, but you know I’ll be back one way or the other in 2020. Until then, happy holidays everyone!

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