Infinity Blog Awards 2019 Finalist!

OMG! I was already so humbled and honored to be nominated for an Infinity Blog Award, but now I’m a finalist! Wow, what an amazing piece of news! Thank you all so much.

“When we were reviewing blogs that had been suggested for a nomination, yours stood out to us. “

— Infinity Blog Awards

Best Music Blog 2019

Music is so universal. It’s a lot of fun to write about its power to communicate something, heal, connect and maybe make a difference in someones life.

The artists who create the music all share a piece of themselves with each song. They connect to us, because we apply those songs to our situation or they become soundtracks to some of our precious memories.

Music unites us as people and that fascinates me. I already feel blessed each time a blog connects with someone out there. Becoming a finalist in the category Best Music Blog leaves me speechless.

Peer To Peer

The Infinity Blog Awards recognizes all the work that goes into running a blog. Their team is full of bloggers and (content) marketing experts. It’s a great honor to get such recognition from my peers.

What an amazing journey it is so far. Thank you all.

Finalist Infinity Blog Award banner
I’m blown away by the news that I’m a finalist!

What’s Next?

In November, the winners will be announced during a special event for bloggers, content- and online marketers, and of course whoever wants to come. This event takes place in Utah, USA.

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