Nomination Infinity Blog Awards 2019

I’m so honored I’m considered for an Infinity Blog Award 2019, in the music blogs category!

“Your blog was chosen for its uniqueness”

Infinity Blog Awards

Infinity Blog Awards 2019

The music blogs on my website,, are nominated for the Infinity Blog Awards 2019 in the category for Best Music Blogs! I heard this news late last night and it just makes my day!!

Vote For Me Before August 12

In the first round, it’s up to you! You can cast your vote, so please help me by voting for my website.

Nora Tol Infinity Blog Award Nominee

Vote For Me

Voting is possible until August 12th, 2019.

Blogger Appreciation Award

Blogging is not as easy as it looks! The Infinity Blog Awards are initiated by a group of blog- and online marketing experts. Their aim is to show appreciation to bloggers who produce “safe, impactful, enlightening, and entertaining content”. (quoted from their website)

They also provide more insight to the hard work of bloggers. Honestly, there’s so much more going on behind the scenes behind a blog! It just goes far beyond writing down an opinion or experience.

My Appreciation

I’m blogging, on and off, for many years now. It’s such a blessing to receive feedback from artists and fellow music lovers. I see this nomination as more encouragement to keep up the work. This news helps me get through all the challenges I face as a music blogger. I really appreciate the recognition.

Professional Judging

If given enough votes, I’ll get to a second round. Then, my music blogs receive a proper check by other bloggers. They’ll check my website and everything else on 16 criteria. Oh my! I hope to get a report, ‘cos I would love the feedback! Improving my blog is an ongoing task.

Getting the nomination for the Infinity Blog Awards 2019

Always Improving

While we’re on the topic of website improvements; This year, I focus a lot on optimizing the website, blogs and my social media. In fact, I hope you already noticed there’s more structure and consistency.

When 2019 started, so did some of my self imposed deadlines:

  • New blog content goes live on Friday
  • My Music Blog newsletter gets send on Friday/Saturday

My constant optimizing led to many (layout) changes throughout the website. Slowly, but surely, the same is happening on my social media channels.

On The Right Track

It’s all an exciting journey, which combines so much of what I love. But, equally as important, I see a chance with this to get other people excited about music, too.

To me, the nomination alone is as a sign that I’m on the right track (pun intended) when it comes to the changes I’m making. Thank you all for your support. Hope to keep inspiring you.

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