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About P!NK’s return

Written for Kurrent Music Published August 11th 2017 P!nk is back. Those three words have made my week. 🙂 Her new song, “What About Us”, picks up where we left off. There are no surprises. No new look, not a different sound, but just exactly what P!nk has always been, so far. She’s empowering …

P!nk is quite the firestarter

Written for Kurrent Music Published on April 17th 2016  Earlier this year, it was announced that P!NK would be recording for Disney´s Alice Through The Looking Glass movie. Along with the announcement a video was released showing P!nk recording some vocals in a way you had never heard her sing …

15 Years Of “Lady Marmalade” by P!nk, Mya, Christina Aguilera and Lil’ Kim

Today, 15 years ago, the song “Lady Marmalade” was released in the version of Pink, Mya, Christina Aguilera and Lil’ Kim. Also featuring Missy Elliott, who produced the song together with Rockwilder. In many countries, it was the third time this song climbed the charts. Moulin Rouge It was the …

Today is a P!nk day

Written for Kurrent Music
Published on October 12th 2015

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I’m a say it. Today is a P!nk day.

While rumors have been popping up everywhere, about her being busy recording a new album, she’s been mums the word about that. But, it is a fact that she has recorded the new theme tune for The Ellen DeGeneres Show. It’s her first new music in three years.

The track is called ‘Today’s The Day’ and has not only been released digitally, but has also been hitting the radio stations. I’m very happy about that, because in all honesty, who can resist a personal anthem like this song anyway?!

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