Today is a P!nk day

Written for Kurrent Music
Published on October 12th 2015


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I’m a say it. Today is a P!nk day.

While rumors have been popping up everywhere, about her being busy recording a new album, she’s been mums the word about that. But, it is a fact that she has recorded the new theme tune for The Ellen DeGeneres Show. It’s her first new music in three years.

The track is called ‘Today’s The Day’ and has not only been released digitally, but has also been hitting the radio stations. I’m very happy about that, because in all honesty, who can resist a personal anthem like this song anyway?!

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Video review: Adam Lambert – Another Lonely Night

Written for Kurrent Music
Published October 9th 2015

Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert review

Strut it Mr. Lambert

Now, I’ve actually missed his American Idol-rise to fame, so my first introduction to Adam Lambert was hearing him on the radio. He was singing to me – in frustration – “Whataya Want From Me?” and I was sold. Loved it!

Bring On The Theatrics

In his music, Adam Lambert sounds like he’s every bit of himself. The more I learn about his history, playing in musicals one moment and fronting a rock band in another, the more his music seems to make to sense.

Musical Chameleon

It seems to complete the picture. There’s always a bit of drama in his lyrics, a bit of being a “showman” in his vocal delivery and a complete unpredictability in the type of music he’ll do.

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Top blog!

This blog (and review) about Adam made it to the top 10 most popular blogs on the Kurrent Music platform. Thanks to support of his fans on Twitter, who retweeted the promo for the blog. The blog was #6 of their top 10 for over a year. Yeah! A BIG thank you to all the Adam Lammbert fans out there!

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