Celebrating 15 years of Pink

Exactly 15 years ago, the pop scene was dominated by teen stars Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. The pop world was in need of a woman with a little more edge. And just when she could only be found in the rock scene, there she was: P!nk.

Pink In A Box

Her career span of 15 years is all boxed up in a very limited boxset called “The Albums So Far”. It completes your collection with one buy as it contains all the albums she’s released so far.

Party Starter

Remember the beginning? With the hit single “There You Go” a bold, pink haired, white girl entered the R&B scene. For her, it was the end of a wild teenage childhood with a lot of frustration and drug abuse. Her music career gave her focus and saved not only her, but Pink probably inspired a lot of young girls to be themselves.

The Other Way

While Britney and Christina fit the perfect picture of a pop star, P!nk was different. And with that, she taught girls to have more self esteem, that it’s ok to be different and to speak your mind.

Leaving R&B

Still, she quickly felt R&B was not the path for her. Signed to the leaders of the R&B scene, LaFace Records, she had a hard time convincing them to set her free from the genre. LA Reid was against, but finally told her “OK, I’ll give you your chance to fail”, but Pink was not planning to fail.

Time To Get Personal

During her teen years, Linda Perry from the 4 Non Blondes was her idol. Her music had pulled her through many hard times and she desperately wanted to work with her. Together, they created a break through anyone could only dream of, for the both of them.

Everyone Understood

By going deep into the personal, Pink used the music to work through a few things. The daring second album “M!ssundaztood” became the most personal and best selling album of her career. In the end, everyone understood everything about it.


Eager to repeat a successful combination, the the duo tried to work together again, but the collaboration fell apart. Pink was in need of something less personal and ended up creating the album “Try This” with a different writer.

First Grammy

“Trouble” and “God is a DJ” are the most popular singles from it. Commercially, it was disappointing, but it got Pink her first Grammy.

I’m Not Dead

After a little bit of a party mode, Pink decided to speak her mind next. She spoke out about “Stupid Girls” and president Bush (on “Dear Mr. President”). Yes, that was the Pink we liked!

She also found new energy in her on/off relationship with Carey Hart, which was back on again. “I felt alive, hence the title “I’m Not Dead””, she once said in an interview.

Fun And Love

Indeed, “Funhouse” and “The Truth About Love” followed. Her career has been very much alive throughout the years. Very impressive, as it’s harder to get to the top than staying there.

Today’s The Day

However, a balance between her private life and her career wasn’t found until she finished her “Truth About Love” tour (2013). She’s been enjoying family life ever since with the exception of recording a new theme song for Ellen, “Today’s The Day”.

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