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Andra Day is standing up to inspire others

Written for Kurrent Music
Published November 3rd 2017

Andra Day

Andra Day blog

I’ve had a favorite songwriter for a very long time now. She’s Diane Warren. I think she’s slightly strange, now that I follow her on social media and get to find out who she is (a little). However, it doesn’t take anything away from her ability to write really great songs.

Most recently, I’ve found a new song that was written by her, which had just gotten released a few weeks ago. It’s “Stand Up For Something”, performed by R&B singer Andra Day and featuring rapper (turned actor, so I thought he wasn’t rapping anymore) Common. Common even co-wrote the track.

Just as much as the title suggests, the song is really about something. It has a message and is part of the soundtrack for the movie “Marshall”, which is a movie about the first African-American Supreme Court Justice, Thurgood Marshall. The movie has just been released, a few weeks ago, just like the single.

The motivational track has, most definitely, received the full support from the artists involved. All of them have spoken out about feeling thankful to be involved in such an inspiring, important track. They are clearly hoping it’s all for something.

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