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Published August 11th 2017


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P!nk is back. Those three words have made my week. 🙂 Her new song, “What About Us”, picks up where we left off. There are no surprises. No new look, not a different sound, but just exactly what P!nk has always been, so far. She’s empowering with a little rebellion and a lot of attitude. Still, the song seems a little out of place, at first sight.

As far as I can tell, she and her hubby are finally happy and have reached calmer waters, so to speak. Of course, I can only tell from the outside looking in. So, for once, I kind of got the feeling this is not as personal of some her songs have been in the past, but make no mistake. This song is not only the love song it appears to be on the surface.

The artwork already shows there’s more to it and when you take the current situation of America into account. With Trump’s reign of the country and the backlash he’s causing for the LGBT community and minorities, P!nk’s “What About Us” also empowers the underdog, in the way she’s always shown support to the underdogs. The “us” she’s talking about should be taken in a broader perspective.

In a political sense, this song is not as strong and clear as her message was with “Dear Mr. President”, but you can’t help but pick up on it, just knowing what P!nk stands for.

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