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Published August 13th 2017

Soul For Real

Soul For Real blog

Some names in r&b music bring back a lot of memories and open up a bulk of nostalgia. Soul For Real is one of those names. They were so quickly on the rise with hits like “Candy Rain” and “Every Little Thing I Do”. I think many 90s r&b fans remember this group as well. Under the guidance of Heavy D, they worked with the best of the best and seemed destined for great things. However, things quickly went downhill and I haven’t heard any one mention anything new surrounding them for a huge number of years, until Case posted a shout out to them on his Instagram page.

The group have actually released a new single, in July, and have been performing a little bit. The new single is called “Love Again” and it’s actually pretty good. A video for the song has been released though their official Vevo account, which should mean there’s a major label involved in one way or another, but what affected their career the first time around, seems to be happening again. There’s very little promotion happening to push this group, so they have a very, very small following on the popular social media platforms. Pretty shocking, considering how popular they were back in the 90s.

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