Mr. Dalvin’s vindication

Written for Kurrent Music
Published August 8th 2017

Mr. Dalvin

Mr. Dalvin blog

Mr. Dalvin, ah yes… *dreamy sigh*… I remember him alright. I wasn’t even a big Jodeci fan, but more so an r&b fan in the 90s, and Jodeci did not escape my radar. They couldn’t, because they breathed new life into the concept of a boyband and into r&b music. No smoochy smooth stuff, nope rough, dirty and down to business. They paved the way for all that nasty shit on the radio today. And Mr. Dalvin was the favorite member among my friends, at that time.

It’s hard to say if he still has those looks, because a lot gets hidden behind big sun glasses, nowadays. Very smart, because sun glasses become your best friend at a certain age. But that slightly arrogant attitude from back in the day still seems to be there. It’s very present in his new song, “Vindication (Get Money)”, featuring GOODZ, in which he tries to reclaim the fame and fortune he once knew.

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