Charlie Puth’s “How Long” gets stuck in your head

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Published October 29th 2017

Charlie Puth

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It was a couple of years ago that there were rumors about a possible romance blossoming between Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez, but both denied this in interviews stating they were just friends. Now, the rumor has been fueled by a new video released by Charlie. In the video for his catchy song, “How Long”, there’s a brief moment where he’s staring at a painting of a woman that’s looking remarkably close to Selena. It’s enough to get the gossip sites talking again and spike up the views of his video, which luckily leads to a very nice song.

The song is a bit of a mix of pop and soul, in the way you would expect from Charlie by now, but to me this song seems to fall back on an 80s sound rather than the old(er) soul Charlie usually wants to refer to. Because of this I somehow get reminded of what Justin Timberlake will do. I love the stop and go of the music at the right times in this song.

Out here, it’s been a while since Charlie has made it to the charts and air play (at least on the stations I get to listen to along the way), and to be honest, I don’t really think this song will make it either, but who cares about charts anyway?

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