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Stargate’s Star-Studded Waterfall features P!nk and Sia

Stargate’s Star-Studded Waterfall features P!nk and Sia

Written for Kurrent Music
Published on April 15th 2017

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Some collaboration throw you back at first sight. They just seem slightly odd. This was my initial reaction when I heard about a collaboration between P!nk, Sia and Norwegian dance producers duo, Stargate. I was particularly puzzled by the idea of P!nk singing on a dance track. She’s had her party songs, but they’ve always been her own style. In all honesty, I couldn’t really place her singing something like Sia’s “Titanium”, a full blown dance anthem.

The song is called “Waterfall” and it’s not a dance anthem. It’s a moderate dance song, by lack of a better term. Instead of going all out, it’s more about sensitivity in its chorus full of one line: “I’m in your waterfall”.

My first impression of the song is that I think it’s completely written by Sia. The first verse, sung by P!nk just sounds so recognizably like a melody that Sia would write. When Sia then follows up with her parts, it almost sounds like she’s screaming compared to P!nk. Her vocals are so sharp and loud, but the combination of both superstars work really well together.

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