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Published on April 17th 2017

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Last week, producer Steve Lacy made headlines after it was publicized he made his contribution to Kendrick Lamar’s “Damn” album, a song called ”Pride”, fully on his iPhone. Hearing this story reminded me of my own debut single, “They’re Waiting 4 My Beat 2 Drop”. The version everyone can hear of this song actually features the vocal recording made on my phone (at that time a PDA, pre iPhone days). I had sent the quick recording over to a producer who made it work on a little test for us to work on. Even though the track wasn’t fully mixed,  the track was released and featured on a soundtrack before we could perfect it with officially recorded vocals (and perhaps some other tweaks we would’ve wanted).

When I moved on to an iPhone, not so much later, I also quickly downloaded apps for Garage Band and other tools that would allow me to make music on my phone. I even spotted music stores selling audio interfaces that would work together with a phone or a tablet, but I’ve always considered them great for a moment when nothing else was available and then only to create a foundation for something to finish in the studio just for the basic fact that I would usually be using my earbud mic to record the vocals and you just want better, so If given a choice, I would prefer to work on a computer instead.

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