MN8’s Kule T Talks About His First Indie Album

Remember my previous blog about Kule T? Well, I noticed that this former MN8 member really got into songwriting again. Once he started, he couldn’t stop. Now, it’s official. An album is coming. It was time to ask T some questions about it.

Kule T Goes Solo

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When Kule T Returned To Music

Sometimes, something is so obviously happening. This is one of those things. I often speak of the power of music on my social media, but I saw it happen with T. And finally, he’s confirmed that he’s been working on an album called “Emotional Rollercoaster”.

Just like that, former MN8 member Kule T is an independent artist. Ready for the next phase.

Life After MN8

It’s been over a decade, since he’s concentrated on music. He enjoyed coaching others, but once he started making music for himself, there was no turning back.

“I am excited to let people out there know what I am about. It has been hard for me to get myself out of my ‘hole’ and back into music again. The realization of how much I missed it and how much it is a part of me has been enlightening.”

– Kule T

This is exactly what resonated to me, while he was sharing his creative process.

Emotional Rollercoaster

His music snippets revealed there’s more to his return to songwriting. And indeed, there is:

“I entitled my album ‘Emotional Rollercoaster’ because, at the time of writing this, I was going through some bad times in my life.”

“There is a song entitled ‘See Me’ on the album, where my depressive state got so bad that I had to find a way to release this feeling. So, I put pen to paper instead of doing what I was thinking of doing to myself.”

– Kule T

Musical Experiment

Compared to all the other snippets that T shared, “See Me” (listen below) has a dark, moody side, while his earlier snippets where upbeat and soul-ish.

Another track, “Fly Away”, reminds me of Maxwell’s neo soul. This makes me think “Emotional Rollercoaster” might just take us all over the place, in sound as well. However, it’s with a positive intention:

“The album represents my emotional state, and as you listen to the album, it will feel like an Emotional Rollercoaster. From heartfelt love to depression, to suicidal feelings, to deceit and new love. I hope that one of my songs will touch someone or help them in some way as it did for me.”

-Kule T

Doing It Alone

His first snippets of music didn’t feel like such a far stretch from MN8, but as time passed by, his music progressed. It’s clear he enjoyed the creation process without having others to take into account. How did it feel going at it alone?

“Being in MN8 we had so much fun, we were able to bounce off each other with different music and song ideas. As a solo artist, you have only yourself to rely on and that has its good and bad sides to things.”

“On this solo album, I had a chance to express my thinking process more freely and take risks, musically and lyrically. I have always liked creating different harmony ideas, so I had a chance to incorporate that element on this album. But, this has also ended up being a healing album for my life and soul, which has been very rewarding for me as a person.”

– Kule T

Work In Progress

This time, T does not have the support of a big label behind him, but is truly an independent artist signed to the small, upcoming label Work In Progress. He’s also returning to a completely reformed music business. Was it a culture shock?

“As an independent artist you have to try and keep on top of things. Everything is up to you and only you can make things happen. Believing in yourself is the key to your success and stay true to who you are no matter what good or bad decisions you make. The music industry has changed and I’m still trying to get my head around things, but the bare bones are still the same, good music and good songs.”

– Kule T

In fact, I think the current musical landscape allows more opportunity for good music to emerge. There’s an audience for every artist, and every kind of music for every fan. Kule T will find his.

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