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Lauren Daigle is an odd topic for my music blogs. However, every once in a while a Christian pop singer makes its way to mainstream pop. Now, it’s Lauren’s turn.

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The Lauren Daigle Take Over

The song “You Say” plays (in A-rotation) on the radio here for months. In fact, a few months ago, it already made it on my list of potential music blog topics. However, when I found out the song was actually released a year ago, I thought I was just late catching on. It happens, but not this time.

Nope, this time, the song sticks. “You Say” still goes strong, after all that time.

A Little Bit of Adele

Originally, when I heard the song, I thought I was listening to some long lost song by Adele. The piano intro, the vocal melody and the lyrics all remind me of Adele’s greatest piano ballads. Let’s face it, she always leaves a gap when she’s not around.

Mostly, I was drawn to the lyrics, not realizing it’s a Christian song. It’s a good description of being in those moments of self doubt and having someone be that turning point for you. This could be anyone, but it could also be your faith, no matter in who you believe.

Unexpected Crossover Hit

I’m sure the ongoing success of this song is also a surprise to Lauren. In her own description of her album, “Look Up Child”, the songs are authentic and personal. This one is easy to relate to and with her bohemian spirit, she’s easy to relate to.

She’s currently on a world tour. You can find the dates on her website.

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