Meeting Expectations Like Mabel

If anyone is expected to blow up big in the music scene, it’s Mabel. It’s often said she’s one to watch. Now she’s released her debut album, does it deliver?

Positive Empowerment

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Mabel Releases Debut Album

Mabel’s career is carefully plotted for several years. She’s got high expectations to meet with her debut album. It is one of those greatly anticipated releases.

Her mixtape set the bar to a high standard and “High Expectations” is expected to push it forward.

The Next Pop Star

When you follow the timeline of her career – by watching her videos – she progresses from a young women to a confident female pop star. Her silky smooth voice and some serious songwriting skills backs it up.

Born For Music

Of course, it’s easy to say the girl was born for it. Mother Neneh Cherry was in Mabel’s shoes as a rapper back in her younger days.

I think her whole family consists of musicians (Titiyo, Eagle Eye Cherry, Don Cherry – all related). Father Cameron McVey is a music producer.

In The Role Of Role Model

I’m sure it all helped her prepare for her career, because I’ve never seen a young pop singer so clearly focused on the message she wants to tell her listeners. Her album is going to empower a lot of young girls.

Empowering Girls

There are no sad love songs on this album – ok, with the borderline case of “We Don’t Say”. There’s no sitting around feeling sorry for yourself, under any circumstances. You got to club, have a drink and forget it (“Don’t Call Me Up” scenario)

This album is about you being in charge over your life and how you deal with relationships. It’s ok to feel down for a minute (“OK (Anxiety Anthem)”) as long as you compose yourself quickly after (“I Belong To Me”). “High Expectations” is a positive empowerment for women.

Musical Inspiration

Musically, it bounces from r&b, pop and electronic music. Sometimes, I detect a little reggaeton or afropop.


The previously mentioned “We Don’t Say” starts out sounding like a song by The Weeknd. It’s one of the few songs on the album that is not fully bouncing off the sound of the singles.

The ballad “I Belong To Me” is another one, as well as “Trouble”, which sounds more like a Taylor Swift or Katy Perry song.

To me, one of the hits, “Mad Love”, keeps reminding me of an updated Rihanna song and “Put Your Name On It” sounds like “Mad Love”. Nevertheless, she released “Bad Behaviour” as the next single.

Slick Job

All the songs are catchy and have very slick music production. I do think it matches the mixtape “Ivy To Roses”, but doesn’t exceed it. However, it will produce a few more hits and keep it all going for her.

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