Kule T breaks silence with new music

Former MN8 member, Kule T, returns to music after break

When the intro of “Don’t Be Shy” begins, you assume Kule T make some big statement to break away from his days as an MN8 member. The unusual intro throws you straight into a guitar solo – immediately catching your attention – but then, it naturally flows into a smoother pace.

Even though the guitar remains present throughout the song, there’s an r&b influence present which receives an additional boost by Kule T’s lead and background vocals.

First Single “Don’t Be Shy”

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“Don’t Be Shy” is the first song Kule T released since MN8. The song is a super catchy attempt to convince someone to make a move. It’s even completed with a hidden mantra thanks to the soft spoken repetition of “ah, come on” looping in the background, in some parts.

Somehow, the up-tempo song is not a far stretch from “Baby, I Surrender”, which featured on MN8’s second album “Freaky”, and gave a leading role to a guitar. Therefore, it’s the perfect cross-over song for him to release as a first song. Those who remember him from the old days will be crossing that bridge with him to something new, because something else is coming.

Second Single To Drop In The Next Few Weeks

Two months ago, Kule T released a teaser of this song, “Don’t Be Shy”, but also shared another song. “Truly It” shows a bit of a different side. It’s a beautiful ballad in which he blends his r&b vocals with the influences taken from the singer-songwriter genre. It’s clear Kule T has been exploring various options, musically, and has plans to bring more depth and edge to the music we used to know him for in another lifetime. “Truly It” is expected to be released in the next two months.

A Little History For You

In other blogs, I’ve already got to catch up a little with other former MN8 members. Dee-Tails became a special effects/creatures actor and KG still writes and produces. But I’ve never known what Kule T had been up to, so when I found him on Twitter, last year, it was a lovely discovery to read he was working as a graphic designer. I thought this was a cool coincidence, considering that my designing and maintaining the MN8 website kicked off a whole career in design for me.

Still, it’s not like he completely turned his back on music. After the group quit, he also got into songwriting and producing (like KG), and even played in a band.

However, he found his most rewarding work in teaching others. He’s put his knowledge working as a media technician, designer and pop star teaching students film editing, design and performing. He’s particularly proud of helping his students find their ways into successful careers.

Kule T’s helped people achieve a start in media careers, like Swarzy Macaly who’s a Kiss FM presenter and Tyrone J Francis who’s a deputy news editor at ITV News. Others have found their way in music, like J-Sol, a singer-songwriter. And, perhaps, his most notable student was Hussain Manawer, the poet and entrepreneur who’s also UK’s first muslim astronaut. The both of them also did a Pearson ‘inspiring teacher’ campaign.

Someone who’s helped so many people achieve so many positive things is bound to have good karma and celebrate a successful return to music.

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