Nothing Works

“Nothing Works” is a pop song with influences from disco and 80s pop. The lead vocals are sung by Kayleigh. This was the first song I started to practice background vocals on. It such a catchy song.

Nothing Works
“Nothing Works” promo

Song Info:

Lyrics Video
The Story Behind The Song

Song Credits:

Lyrics: Nora Tol
Music Production: Melvin Dorn
Vocals: Kayleigh Ramdin
Background vocals: Nora Tol
Genre: Disco-Pop
Release Date: 2019

Lyrics Video


Beat down and run down
Almost going on empty
I’m needing motivation
Tell me, what is my salvation?
Word down and thrown out
Tired of getting run around
Can’t handle this transition
I can’t stay in this position

Self entertainment used to be a good tool
To distract me from pain, but there’s nothing I do

But it don’t work now
No, nothing works now
Without you my life is lacking all the finer things
The Birkin bag, the Benz and Jag
And all that Gucci bling
But it don’t work now
No, nothing works now
The balance used to be all colored in green
The way that cash flowed
It was flowing all to me
But it don’t work now

Maxed out, stressed out
Every dollar cashed out
Can’t stretch me any thinner
I’m no elastic ribbon
Step by step I try to get back on track
But one step forward
Leads to two steps back



(Good times like we had before)
(It’s not like that anymore)
(We went and spent it all)
(We thought we never fall)

Live in the moment
Enjoy it while it lasts
‘Cos in a moment it be gone, it be gone
And you don’t even realize what you had


© 2013 Nora Tol, Beat The Odds; All Rights Reserved

The Story Behind The Song

How Did The Song Come About?

I was working with producers Melvin and Quincy under the name “Beat The Odds” from 2013 to 2014. They send music my way and I would write lyrics for it. Kayleigh would sometimes come in to sing them. This was one of the tracks we created together.


I was just thinking about it sounding like a catchy pop song.

What’s The Song About?

It’s actually two sided. On one hand, it’s about a woman losing her sugar daddy, and literally not having the money to spend anymore.

However, the more universal side of the song is just about being in a depressive state due to lack of finances. Who hasn’t been there, right?


Actually, I’d been shopping the song for a while, trying to find placement. I felt it had potential. It just needs more work. To showcase my songwriting, I started a playlist for lyric videos on my YouTube channel. For this, I created a video to this song. So, it got uploaded in 2019, as part of that.

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