If You Want It

I wrote the retro pop song, “If You Want It”, to encourage people to keep chasing their dreams. A lot of people say their held back by something. With “If You Want It”, I hope to inspire people to think of new ways to reach their goals, especially if they’ve already failed at it before.

Nora Tol - If you want it promo photo
“If You Want It” promo picture

Song Info:

Song Credits:

  • Lyrics: Nora Tol
  • Music Production: Adam Featherstone
  • Genre: Retro-Pop
  • Release: 2016



You say you got a new tune
but all I hear is the same song
You’re down with the new
Got your Dove to wipe the old gone
But you didn’t get it all I can tell
‘cos you never teach old dog any new tricks
You never get a move on chasing old sticks
You just set yourself up to fail
Like a dog who’s chasing his tail – ooh

Come on and get on your feet
You gotta fight if you want it
If you want it you can get it
Come on and find a brand new beat
You gotta fight if you want it
If you want it, know you got it in you

You still have the same dreams you had so long, we call them old skool
They’re drifting far out of reach
Get it together, don’t be a fool
But you just don’t see the path I can tell
‘Cos your eyes are still showing me a blank stare
Not even outlines are drawn to show a plan there
You just set yourself up to burn
Even though you feel it’s your turn – ooh


Ooh (gotta fight)

Go push yourself in everything you want to do
Go push yourself and don’t you dare think
It’ll be easy for you – You gotta fight


© 2016 Nora Tol; All Rights Reserved


Photo credit: Nora Tol

The Story Behind The Song

How Did The Song Come About?

I was on an online platform for musicians. Musicians could create projects on the platform together and then offer the song they created to artists who were looking for songs. Adam Featherstone uploaded his music up in order to offer it to a girl group. I wrote my lyrics on it.


I liked the retro vibe on it. It felt really positive, so I wanted to write something encouraging.

What’s The Song About?

It’s about knocking some sense into someone passive. There were so many people complaining around me. I wanted to make them aware of it, and make them realize that if plan A didn’t work the first time around, there’s no point doing the same thing again. Don’t change the goal, but change the road to it, but realize you have to work for it.


The song was never an ‘official’ release, because it was never intended for me. However, I did create a video for it and uploaded it in 2016.

The Idea Of The Video

The idea was to have a super sweet goodie goodie Nora and a little bit of a wild Nora, who were having a conversation. I liked the brown hair on me though.


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