A Sign

“A Sign” is a very smooth R&B-Pop ballad with a catchy chorus. It’s the result of another international collaboration. I wrote the song together with American lyricist Anthony Dent.

Nora Tol - A Sign
“A Sign” single cover

Song Info:

Song Credits:

  • Lyrics: Nora Tol, Anthony Dent
  • Music Production: JeeJuh Productions
  • Genre: Pop-R&B
  • Release: June 2016


I’m getting dramatic in the music video
The lyric video


I need a sign
I need a sign
I need a sign
Is it really over?
I need a sign
I need a sign
I need a sign
Is it over?

Drunk with regret
I look back to everything I had
They say
Set it free and if it comes back it’s yours
There’s so much I should’ve said
Now it’s a chance I’ll never get
There’s no way
I’ll find a place to lay it to rest
Babe, I’m floored

I need a red light
A stop sign
A call from you (to say go your way)
A post card
Or ring the alarm
To see your face
To meet the one to take your place

I need a sign
To know it’s over
I need a sign
Is this really over?

Pains to forget
I turn the page to the past
The say
If you love let it go and if it’s meant to be, it’ll come
As I lie here in my bed
You’re like a melody in my head
Plays all day
Waiting on a new day ’til the sad days are gone



Do I miss you?
Do I want you back, do I need you now,
Just ‘cos I’m all alone
What’s come over me?
Is this a dream?
Please wake me up
Please wake me up



I need a red light
I need stop sign
or give me a call
Send me a post card
or ring the alarm
or write it on the wall
Just give me a sign
Just give me a sign
Is it really over?

© 2015 Nora Tol / Anthony Dent – DatDat Muzik; All Rights Reserved


Photo Credits: Nora Tol, except top right photo – Sandra Bruins

The Story Behind The Song

How Did The Song Come About?

Anthony had reached out to me via social media to work on some of his songs. I provided some vocals for him, when he sent me the instrumental for this song. I loved it and wanted to write something for it.


There’s a song by Toni Braxton and Trey Songz called “Yesterday” in which she sings a line that she’s drunk with regret. That’s where the first line was inspired by and the story just grew from there.

What’s The Song About?

It’s someone wondering if a romance is over.


The song was released to streaming services on June 10th 2016 and it will be part of my upcoming album, “Looking Back Then Moving On”.

About The Single Cover

The idea of the photo was to visualize someone in limbo, kind of like being at a cross road. This feeling of being lost, and feeling like everything is a struggle, is exactly what we were trying to capture in this photo. Upcoming photographer Sandra Bruins took the photo and I photoshopped it further.


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