Mad At Disney

I’ve slightly adjusted Salem Ilese’s “Mad At Disney”, only because I’m a little older and could add a little more of life’s lessons to it. I’ve found a beautiful piano instrumental for this song and created my first vertical video ever, especially for my social media channels.

Verical Video

Story Behind The Song

Why Cover This Song?

The original version of “Mad At Disney” appeared on my Spotify suggestion list and I liked the lyrics. I never heard of Salem Ilese before, but it’s very relatable and I recognize the disillusion and confusion about love. Nevertheless, I didn’t think I would cover it a few weeks later!

I just wanted to reconnect with my musical self and thought doing covers, or karaoke singing, on social media might be fun. So, I was looking for something to do, when I thought of this song again. When looking for an instrumental, I came across this piano version and just fell in love with it.

This is such a great version to deliver the message of the lyrics. As you know, lyrics (and writing) is sort of my thing. Additionally, I took on this song to challenge me in my singing. I did this song in one take, like a live performance, filming myself as I’m recording it. This is the result. With a lot of firsts, first time I sing live on video, first one take video, and first vertical video too!

Altered Lyrics

Salem’s version is targeted towards 20+ year olds, so I had to change that, despite that many of my social media followers are actually in that age range! But for me, it was weird if I would’ve left that in.

Mad At BoyBands?

Also, I’ve changed some words here and there, to fit my life better. And let’s be honest, those boybands needed to get mentioned for setting us up for disillusion….

Horizontal Video

Update December 18th 2020: I’ve also made a horizontal cut of the vertical video for my YouTube channel

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