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No Good At Starting Over

No Good At Starting Over

I consider the ballad, “No Good At Starting Over”, my first mature song. This is mainly because of its strong soul and R&B influences. It was also like therapy to get this off my chest, at the time.

No Good At Starting Over photo cover
“No Good At Starting Over” song cover

Song Info:

Song Credits:

  • Lyrics: Nora Tol
  • Music Production: 2Kingz Productions
  • Genre: Soul, R&B, Pop
  • Release Date: December 2014



Don’t know where to begin
I can’t believe the fool that I’ve been
Should’ve stopped it when I let you in
But you had me lost in a dream
And now it’s all gone up in smoke
And I’m on the outside
Permission revoked
Can’t go back and can’t move on
Stuck in the middle
Just trying to be strong

But I’m no good at starting over
I can’t tell my heart to open up again
I’m no good at starting over
Don’t think I’d share my love with anyone again

Don’t know why our story ends
‘Cos I still feel like there’s another chapter next
I don’t think I’d ever understand
How your heart slipped through my hands
And now it’s all lost, thrown away
And I’m counting down the minutes of every single day
Just trying to keep it together
But never once get it right, no never


There is no other way to love but completely
You got to let it take a hold for 100%
And when the love leaves me I’m completely empty
This void, I know, will never be whole again

You got the better of me
You sure got the better of me
You got the better of me
You sure got the better of me
You got the better of me
You sure got the better of me
You got the better of me
You sure got the better of me


© 2014 Nora Tol, 2Kingz Music; All Rights Reserved

Janet Jackson Mashup

Only available for certain regions – sorry!

The Story Behind The Song

How Did The Song Come About?

I found the music on an online beat store and was captivated by it. Initially, I thought I would pitch my voice unnaturally high, like a Tove Lo’s remix that was popular then, but I didn’t like that when I tried it.


I was just thinking about old soul and r&b songs. It was one of the first songs I did for myself, where background vocals were such a major part of the song. It became a thing to do that with each song, since.

What’s The Song About?

At the time, I was so stuck in a breakup. A broken heart is the same as mourning someone’s death. At some point, people around you start giving you these signals that you should be over it or, at least, start something new. This was what was happening, while I was still trying to figure out what happened. That’s what the song is about.


The video was uploaded to YouTube in December 2014, which released the song ‘officially’. The song has been mixed again for the upcoming album.

Later in the year, I created a mashup of my song with Janet Jackson’s “Got Til It’s Gone”. I discovered most of my song fitted over her instrumental, so I recorded it. The mashup is only available in some countries.

Vlog About The Song

Stream “No Good At Starting Over”

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