Digital Girl

“Digital Girl” is a modern day parody of Madonna’s classic hit, “Material Girl”. In this time, it’s all about the digital world. So, I’ve changed the lyrics accordingly and made a silly little video for it.

Cover of "Digital Girl"
“Digital Girl” song cover

Song Info

Song Credits

  • Lyrics: Nora Tol
  • Music Production: Nile Rodgers
  • Genre: 80s Synth-Pop
  • Release Date: 2012


Me trying to look like a dumb blond


Some boys DM, some boys IM
I think they’re the man
But if they don’t like my Facebook Page
then I click on “unfriend”
They can tag, fill my timeline fast
But they can’t see the light (that’s right)
‘Cos we’ll never meet, just spend time tweeting
‘Cos I don’t live offline

‘Cos we are living in a digital world
And I am a digital girl
You know that we are living in a digital world
And I am a digital girl

Some boys Skype me, use Google to find me
That’s alright with me
But if they can’t raise my Pinterest feed
then I have to let them be
Some seduce for some YouTube views
So I put my videos online
I post my photos on Flickr, my thoughts on Twitter
‘Cos I don’t want to stay behind

Living in a digital world
And I am a digital girl
You know that we are living in a digital world
And I am a digital world

I stick my ass up in the camera
Thinking I’m spectacular
I pretend to be celebrity
What?! How come my YouTube views says 3??!
That can’t be right – I’m famous you know

Now friends may come and friends may go
But that’s alright you see
I’ve made it to the Twitterati
And now they’re following me



Photo credits: Nora Tol

The Story Behind The Song

How Did The Song Come About?

Actually, I’d bought a new microphone and just want to test it out when I started playing around with the instrumental. When I was younger, I kind of got the nickname “hi-tech girl”, because I was programming a little, designing websites and I kinda new a thing or two about satellite TV – Not all of that knowledge survived unfortunately. The idea just kind of progressed from there to turn “material” into “digital”.

What’s The Song About?

It’s slightly two-sided. On one hand, it’s about these girls online trying to get a sugar daddy. And on the other, it’s also about living totally online and not connecting with people in the real world anymore.


In 2012, I uploaded the video to YouTube. I never even mixed the vocals, ‘cos I didn’t know how to do that back then. So, it’s a raw recording.

Stream “Digital Girl”

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