Catch Me

I recorded “Catch Me” in Los Angeles, California as part of my demo in 2009. It’s a laid-back pop song with some 90s hip hop and r&b influences. I hope you catch on to it!

Nora Tol - Catch Me
Catch Me song cover

Song Info

Song Credits

  • Lyrics: Darryl Anthony, Nora Tol
  • Music Production: Darryl Anthony
  • Genre: Pop-R&B
  • Release Date: 2009


My little home made video for “Catch Me”


I hate the way he looks at me
Like he can read my mind
Those baby blues can be cruel
With a smile that blinds
I won’t get carried away – by his face
I’m better on my own
Don’t come too close
I don’t know
I just might take you home

Catch me
‘cos I’m falling
Catch me
‘cos I’m falling
Catch me
‘cos I’m falling
Catch me
‘cos I’m falling

Don’t speak my name
Don’t look my way
Please don’t stand so close
I might kiss your face
What a waste
I’d rather be alone
Don’t take my hand
Not like that
Try to pull me in
I’m warning you
You ain’t cute
Don’t start what I can’t end


© 2009 D’Gem Productions / Nora Tol; All Rights Reserved


Photo credits: Nora Tol

The Story Behind The Song

How did “Catch Me” Come About?

Darryl and I had finished “Burner”, which took us most of the time I was in Los Angeles. We only had a few hours left to do the second track. Darryl played me the music and I liked his ideas for it. We finished the rest of the song together and recorded it.

You can hear Darryl on this track, too. He did the shout out at the beginning of the song.

It’s funny how things develop. At that time, when I returned home with both tracks, this was my least favorite. However, I love it now because my voice sounds really nice on this.


I don’t think we had a specific song in mind as a reference for the track. But I do remember singing a bit of Jewel’s “Always”, which also deals with the same topic. Just to find some angles when we ran out of our own.

What’s The Song About?

It’s about fighting temptation, I suppose. Resisting an attraction to someone. Or rather, to attempt to resist.


Originally, the song was part of my 2009 demo and offered as a free download for a really long time. In 2015, I released it independently to streaming services for a year. It will return there as part of my upcoming album “Looking Back Then Moving On”.

Stream “Catch Me”

Stream it on ReverbNation

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