I’d set out to make a electro-pop song that fitted the time frame of the moment, and came back from Los Angeles with “Burner”. It’s a dance track that ignites a sensation that makes you move. Oh, and it features Darryl Anthony.

“Burner” song cover

Song Info

Song Credits

  • Lyrics: Darryl Anthony, Nora Tol
  • Music Production: Darryl Anthony
  • Genre: Dance-Pop
  • Release Date: 2009


The official, yet home made, music video for “Burner”
Ugh… the very first video was just this boring photo collage with horrible photos of me.


The way you move me
You groove right through me
That thing you do to me
Baby baby
Oh so hot
Don’t stop that thing you’re doing to me
Drives me crazy

You’re a burner baby boy
You’re turning me on
Such a burner so hot
That I can’t say no
Such a burner burner
Such a burner burner
You got me burning


Your touch is teasing
Your fingertips they need me
Your body’s calling out loud to come and please it
Oh so hot
Don’t stop that thing you’re doing to me
Drives me crazy


I know a place where we can go
A quiet place nobody has to know
Boy you got me
Where you want me
I know a place where we can go
A quiet place where we can be alone
Boy you’re burning
Keep it burning


© 2009 D’Gem Productions / Nora Tol; All Rights Reserved

The Story Behind The Song

How did “Burner” Come About?

I wanted to put together an official demo and was fortunate that Darryl Anthony was willing to work with me, despite the fact that I was a very inexperienced studio singer. I met him, many years ago, in Amsterdam when he was a member of Az Yet.

It was important to me to work with an American producer to get the sound that was happening there, at the time. He already had the music lying around and we wrote the lyrics on the spot.


In 2009, it was my goal to create a few tracks to reference the music I really wanted to make. It had to be a mix between electro-pop, dance and r&b, hip hop. Britney Spears was a decent reference, at the time. This is where the sound for “Burner” was based on.

What’s The Song About?

A really hot guy!

How Did You Get Darryl To Sing On The Song?

He offered! It was amazing to see someone lay down harmonies in like 5 minutes.


The song was a free download, for several years. It will appear on streaming services as part of my upcoming album “Looking Back Then Moving On”.

Stream “Burner”

Play it on ReverbNation
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