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They’re Waiting 4 My Beat 2 Drop

They’re Waiting 4 My Beat 2 Drop

My song “They’re Waiting 4 My Beat 2 Drop” was simply released as “Beat 2 Drop” in 2010. It’s an electronic dance track intended for the clubs with vocals recorded on my phone, later heavily auto-tuned in the mix. Read the story behind the song for more interesting things.

They're Waiting 4 My Beat 2 Drop photo cover
“They’re Waiting 4 My Beat 2 Drop” song cover

Song Info

Song Credits

  • Lyrics: Nora Tol
  • Music Production: Mark Taylor
  • Genre: Dance
  • Release Date: 2010 on Def Jam/Universal
  • Independent Release Date: 2013


My home made full length video for the song…. go on, embarrass me 😀
The promo to celebrate the re-release of the song to streaming services in 2013


Why is everybody on the sidelines waiting
Like it ain’t the time to dance?
Why are the men on the left,
Women on the right,
Not meeting in the middle,
Take a chance?

They’re waiting for my beat to drop
They’re waiting for my beat to drop
They’re waiting for my beat to drop
They’re waiting for my beat to drop
‘Cos they know it’s gonna be hot
‘Cos they know that  it’s got
Everything to make them rock
‘Cos they know that it’s hot
‘Cos they know that it’s hot
‘Cos they know that it’s hot
‘Cos they know that it’s hot
They’re waiting for my beat to drop
They’re waiting for my beat to drop
They’re waiting for my beat to drop
Drop drop drop…

Why is that DJ still standing on that stage – yeah?
Someone should be moving him well out of the way
Why was that DJ hired anyway
He’s not doing it for anyone
Not getting them to play


Come on bring me to the stage
‘Cos you know that I can save the night
Turn the situation like I turn it on the tables
Come on you know I can blaze
when I ‘m pumpin’ out the party vibes
I am your salvation, and I am very able
To make this crowd dance
‘cos they know no one can kick it like I can
That’s why they’re waiting for my beat to drop
They’re waiting for my beat to drop


© 2008 Nora Tol; All Rights Reserved


Photo credits: 2013 photos by Nora Tol, The older photos are all taken by Sandy van den Bosch

The Story Behind The Song

How Did “They’re Waiting 4 My Beat 2 Drop” Come About?

An upcoming artist management company asked me to write lyrics for their artists. I wrote a few songs and among them, were the lyrics of “They’re Waiting 4 My Beat 2 Drop”. I’d recorded the vocals on my phone, send it over, but they were not interested.


“Speakerphone” by Kylie Minogue. Basically, all I knew, is that I wanted it to sound like the baby voice of Britney Spears meeting the digital age. At that time, around 2008, auto-tune was upcoming. I loved it, wanted to have one song with it.

What’s The Song About?

I think it’s pretty self explanatory. It’s about a girl in a lame club where not much is happening. She feels she has to step in and become the life of the party.

How Did The Collaboration With Mark Taylor Come About?

Mark found me on the internet, a long time ago. He had worked with UK pop group MN8 on one of their biggest hits. I had a website on the group and he contacted me. We kept in touch, so one day I got a phone call that he was bored while being on tour in Europe. The song came up and he asked me to send my vocals over. This was just the phone recording. A day later, he returned it the music.

What you hear is actually still a rough mix and the vocals is literally the take from my phone.

Darling Nikki Soundtrack And Release

A movie producer approached me on LinkedIn. He’d heard the song on my website and asked me for permission to use the song on the soundtrack of his movie, “Darling Nikki”. In 2010, he picked the song as one of the three songs to promote the movie, which meant it received additional promotion. The song was distributed by Def Jam/Universal to all major streaming platforms and quickly received a few thousand streams on all platforms.

The success on streaming services sparked a near decade of top listings on ReverbNation pop charts from 2011 to now, both locally and nationally

Independent Re-Release

After a while, the song disappeared from streaming services. I re-released it independently in 2013 to make it back available. It’s currently pulled from all platforms again, but it just so happens the original soundtrack is back. Independently, “They’re Waiting 4 My Beat 2 Drop” will be back as part of my upcoming album “Looking Back Then Moving On”.

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