Backstreet Boys Join Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki and the Backstreet Boys sound well together on their joint effort, “Let It Be Me”. For Backstreet Boys, the song is their first full blown house track, on which their signature harmonizing didn’t get a leading role.

Backstreet Joy

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Backstreet Boys Back In The Day

For a brief moment in the 90s, I was a Backstreet Boys fan. This was when “We’ve Got It Goin’ On” was released and Europe fell in love with them.

I met them, on several occasions – along with many other fans. They even sang acapella to us at an airport, when ground staff were wondering who they were. So, in short, I have great memories of being a fan.

Moving On

Nevertheless, they were my closure group. I moved into a grown up life with other priorities and, very quickly, stopped keeping up with BSB.

That all changed this year. I’ve been making up for lost times ever since I gave their latest album, “DNA”, a try. It was on my wish list to blog about, but I never got around to it.

Backstreet DNA

On the “DNA“ album, they uphold the reputation of being adult heartthrobs. The album is smooth and the group show off their harmonizing skills. It even includes an acapella track, “Breathe”.

The Great Unkown

The group is on unknown territory. No one knows what a boy band turns into when they grow up. Most boy bands don’t get there. Luckily, they are not alone in facing this challenge. NKOTB, Take That and a handful of r&b groups all had to reinvent themselves.

Rocky Road

To say that’s it’s been a rocky road for the Backtstreet Boys is an understatement. They survived a bad manager, addictions and 24/7 craziness, that I also experienced, of being followed around by girls all the time. I hope that also calmed down for them by now.

But what struck me the most is Nick’s story. Of course, he shared more with the world than any other BSB member.

It’s A Family Thing

After he rose to fame, his brother Aaron followed in his footsteps. Both struggle(d) with addictions. So, did their sister who lost her life to her addiction.

House Of Chaos

Before, all the Carter kids did a reality show (House Of Carters) trying to solve their family issues. It broke my heart to see how fame and fortune turned parents into anything but good guides and tore a family apart. I wondered whether it all was worth it.

On The Flip Side

Then I saw a clip of the turning point for The Backstreet Boys. On the verge of doing a comeback with Kevin back on board, they had a sit down. Nick uttered the words that BSB turned out to be more family to him than his real family.

Bond Of Brothers

One thing their original management did do right was to make the boys live together before their rise of fame. It was to get to know each other, and probably to cut costs, but it shaped a foundation. A bond of brothers with a common goal they all sacrificed for. Too late to stop it, too good to miss out on.

Work-Life Balance

I hope they took control over a better work-life balance as most are married with children now. In fact, one BSB offspring is also making waves in the music industry as a country singer; Brian’s son Baylee.

BSB themselves took creative control in 2014 making them more interesting. They write themselves now and try on different genres, like EDM house now.

Let It Be Me

Steve Aoki’s sound fits them like a glove. “Let It Be Me” sounds like a default house track. It’s got all of the most predictable elements of a hit song.

However, for the first time, BSB don’t sound like a group on this song. Harmonies are only used in the chorus and they blend into the music, making the lead vocals sound more like a duet than a group. It’s actually an interesting development.

DNA Tour

I love the track and think it’s a great addition to the BSB catalog. The band is still wrapping up their DNA World Tour until the end of this year. I’m guessing they’ll take a little break and start working on new music next year. Keeping that backstreet joy going….

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Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

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