Adam Lambert Reveals Superpower

It’s always a good day, when I see a new Adam Lambert release. I’ve made it no secret that I have a bit of a weak for his voice. He’s showing it off again on his new song, “Superpower”.

The Power Within

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Adam Lambert Brings Superpower Moves

We already know that Adam Lambert can take on anything. His superpower is his voice and he’s taken that back when he started his journey towards the new album.

70s Power

As blogged about before, we’re in a new phase. His new music is more his own than it’s ever been.

That new found control has brought us some retro style 70s music, completed with 70s looks. Currently, it’s the era to draw inspiration from, so Adam is on the mark and he draws from it now


His new album, “Velvet”, is due out this month and to remind us (like we needed a reminder?), he released a new single called “Superpower”.

The Superpower Within

The song is super funky, super catchy and is accompanied by a super colorful video. I’ve seen some people say it’s the most “queerest” video he’s made. Pretty good description, I suppose.

I just think it’s a powerful celebration of your true identity – whatever that may be – as well as taking ownership of it. In the end true superpower lies within. This song is another great reminder of it with a positive vibe.

And when it comes to the Adam’s music, I can’t wait for the album.

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