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It was my understanding that Simply Red had retired, years ago. Mick Hucknall went solo. He explored soul music in all its classics and enjoyed family life. On occasion, Simply Red would reunite for special events, like Holland’s Symphonica In Rossa. At least, that was my impression, but they’ve actually been back for years.

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Funky Soul By Simply Red

To my surprise, I’ve noticed two new songs in Spotify by Simply Red. “BadBootz” and “Thinking Of You” were just released and they are worlds apart, with only funk in common.


The first song, “BadBootz”, still brings the most soul that we all know from Simply Red. For years, they’ve managed to bring silky soul into pop music. Though this time they sound inspired by James Brown. It’s all a little less smooth.

Old Meets New

Firstly, horns are added to give it a boost. However, there’s also a contemporary sound added to bring it more into 2019. Still, I’m not too sure about this track.

Secondly, time’s changed the sound of Mick’s voice. It’s got a rougher edge to it now.

Funky Way Of Thinking

“Thinking Of You” appeals to me much much. It brings on the funk. I have a weak for this sound anyway. It’s just catchy. I understand why this is tucked away as the second track of their double offering. It stands out so much from the rest of their catalog.

2020 Tour

I’ve definitely been out of the loop when it comes to Simply Red. They have been back since 2015. These two songs are part of their upcoming album, “Blue Eyed Soul”, due for release on November 8th. It’s their second album since their comeback. A tour will follow next year.

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